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7 reasons to use an event management app

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People tend to search for ways to make their life easier. The global use of applications is no exception. There are many software solutions that will allow the event manager to run events more efficiently. If you are not yet using them in your work, then here are some solid arguments to start using the app to organize events.

1. Instant notifications

Sudden schedule changes often create a problem as everyone needs to be notified quickly. Here are different ways to do that: speak over the loudspeaker, gather everyone in one place, send a mailing list, etc. But with all these methods, there is by no means a small chance that someone will definitely miss the updated information regarding the event program. Instant Push notifications, on the other hand, can easily cope with this problem. Their main advantages: creating notifications does not require much effort and they are sent instantly to all the event participants.

2. Paperless events save you money and time

It can be time-consuming to print materials and distribute them, not to mention the costs. Moreover, you always need to remember about the restrictions: it is hardly possible to print out information about the event program, speakers, routes, all important points to each of the participants of the conference that may count thousands — it just takes up a lot of space and takes a lot of time. There are no such problems in the application; everything can be neatly arranged in different sections and are easy to navigate. Thus, you can save on the design, printing, and distribution of printed materials.

3. Convenient ticketing system

It is quite handy to sell tickets for events or individual events using the application — the user does not need to go to any third-party resources to which he can have low trust. 

4. In-app advertising

The mobile app can be used as another advertising channel. The simplest is the section about the partners of the event with their detailed descriptions and links included.

You can also use notifications to advertise to users. Offers from sponsors and partners will fit well into the event. Coffee break? It’s time to inform guests what proven coffee shop they should check out. There are a lot of situations where advertising notifications will come in handy.

5. Simplified networking

One of the reasons people come to different events is networking. If this is a small conference, then you can get to know the people in person, but what if two or three thousand people came to the event?

With the application, networking becomes much easier and more efficient: you will never lose business cards, you get a chance to get acquainted with the participants in absentia and choose several for personal acquaintance; after the end of the event you can invite a person to discuss something.

6. Easy interaction between the audience and the speaker

The application makes communication between conference participants much easier. This is facilitated by questions from the audience displayed in the application, ratings of participants, and questions, the Organizer can any time start a survey to find out the opinion of the participants about something, and immediately get feedback, and then act based on the information received. When using the application, many scenarios appear on how to interact with the guests of the event. 

7. Increasing audience engagement

This point follows from the previous one. You have various ways to engage the audience: polls, questionnaires, various rankings, ratings, quests that can be applied both in the educational and entertainment process. Most of these methods are gamification in one way or another. Anyone who has already implemented gamification in their events will be pleasantly surprised at how simple this operation is. 

You ought to forget that the application is useful only in cases of large-scale events as it can help in organizing trainings, team buildings, master classes, and other small events. Some services offer a free trial. For example, hosting an event for up to 10 people with the MULTIEVENT app will cost you nothing, but at the same time will significantly increase the quality and level of your event.

 In this article, we have revealed the main advantages of using mobile apps when organizing events. If you have not yet used such services before, then it’s time to make use out of it! The app has many benefits and additional features that can transform your event. This is exactly the case when you spend very little and get significant results! Try it yourself and see how just a few features can dramatically change the quality and level of your events. 

Lolita Sokolova

Lolita Sokolova

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