The major qualities an event manager cannot do without

An event manager is a great organizer, a sort of multi-armed Shiva. With his magic touch, any event can simply set out from a puzzling task into a coherent picture. He knows exactly what you need, so the result is always great.

What qualities should this super person have?

Be a good judge of character. He must be a kind of psychologist, even if he doesn’t have a qualification degree. People are different, everyone needs a personal approach. Someone does not know what he really wants, and what he really does is listing out mutually exclusive requirements. Someone gets intimidated and tries to disguise his/her true desires. It is difficult to please somebody without being able to get into a conversation with a person.

The next quality of an event manager complements the previous one. 

Social skills. Get on well with everyone. Literally with any person. Be it an eccentric musician, or a self-important host, or even a picky client (it’s not that they are all arrogant, but there are some). He should be at home among strangers.

Flexibility. Everything goes according to plan when suddenly the restaurant in which you made a reservation spots staphylococcus! The common person will think it’s a terrible thing and will get disappointed. But not our hero. In no time he will find another suitable restaurant and even ask for a report from a consumer safety inspection, just in case. It’s always better to take an extra step forward. Of course, this is a completely uttermost example, but no matter what public place it is, you always need to be as flexible as possible.

Leadership. He is the one whom people follow. The work on any event needs a lot of people to be involved, from an ordinary employee to a prestigious musician. The event manager’s task is to get everyone together.

Creativity. Everyone’s holidays are simply boring. A true manager brings in fresh and bright ideas every single time and leaves customers impressed.

Time management skills. This does not require any comments at all, though I should mention that it’s extremely hard to do as much as possible in 24 hours and remain in the right state of mind. It is better to learn to highlight important matters at once and not forget about others. For instance, have time for sleep, because an event manager also must be full of beans.

Enthusiasm and love for what you do. He just has to be all business. Simply sitting your working hours and doing nothing doesn’t really work. Besides, no one will ever hire this kind of person. A true manager perceives each event as a mini-challenge he has to deal with. Will he be able to do it even better and more exciting? Or maybe make things more entertaining? There is always room for perfection.

As you could probably see, the major qualities of an event manager are not limited to the standard description of the responsibility statement. He always generates bright ideas, responds quickly, and is constantly in touch. He is the best helper and friend during the entire event. But most importantly, he will make guests enjoy the event to the fullest without getting sidetracked.

Sponsors and partners

Every event organizer knows how difficult it is to find sponsors for an event. Some people think that their brand mentions are not enough, while others want to receive feedback from the event participants. Is it possible to find such terms of cooperation so that partners would want to attend the event themselves?

On the one hand, brands benefit from live communication with consumers. Public events allow them to interact directly with their target audience, introduce products, remind them of the brand. But in contrast, many sponsors are saving money by screening out the events so that organizers are starting to complain about the decreasing financial support.

If you analyze how things actually stand with mentioning sponsors, it becomes quite clear why not everyone is satisfied with the result.

A huge banner with a bunch of overlapping logos.

Brand mentions in booklets that are often used as a fan rather than for reading.

The absence of feedback from participants. There is no way to track who really got interested and visited the site.

The partner wants to get new clients and the profit they will bring. And your event is one of the ways to advertise. That’s why sponsors will be savvy in their choices.

So is there a way to find sponsors in a highly competitive environment? With the MULTIEVENT app, it all becomes possible.

What opportunities will it give us?

✔️ You’ll have ad units instead of banners. You no longer need to peer at logos and watch customers if they notice your brand or not. The partner’s logo will be displayed in each app tab.

✔️ It has a showcase with sponsors’ products.

✔️ It has “Partners» section where you can find sponsors’ business cards.

✔️ You can send promotional messages via Push-notifications.

✔️ You can increase the visibility of brand stands and exhibitions.

✔️ Ability to attach a link to the site. The partner will see who visited his page.

Turning participants’ smartphones into an advertising channel, isn’t that what all entrepreneurs want? Make your search of partners a mutually beneficial cooperation instead of using persuasion techniques.

Myths and misconceptions

The world changes every second, adapting to new realities. Fast, easy and most importantly contactless — these are the modern requirements. They also concern the organization of events. Is it possible to make the perfect conference remotely? Minimize all risks, but hold the right exhibition? Of course, the MULTIEVENT constructor will help with this. Build your app yourself!

This is where the first fears, blocking our possibilities appear. Maybe we’ll do everything in the old- fashioned way, writing everything on paper? And we will make a phone call and then send the necessary documents by mail!

Don’t panic, let’s look through the most common myths:

1. It’s hard

You don’t have to do programming, set up codes or hire a layout designer. A clear constructor will do everything for you. A whole library of tips will also help you. Do you want to explore all the capabilities of the application? Sign up your employees for online training at the MULTIEVENT Academy.

2. It’s long

Almost half an hour after the registration, all necessary blocks will be at your disposal, and all necessary information will be available in the application. No one knows better than you what your event should look like. So create it yourself, using all the constructor’s features.

3. It’s expensive

This is another delusion that stops many people. Frankly speaking, it is very profitable. Let everyone draw conclusions for themselves. You will be pleasantly surprised. You do not have to limit the scale, even the most numerous events will not hit you in the pocket. You can get acquainted with the price list on our website.

4. It’s not what I need

As a result, you will get an individual application for all your requests, with the ability to download the program, descriptions of each event, information about speakers and partners, and much more. Gamify, let your event remain in the memory as something new, interesting, unexpected, and most importantly modern. With the MULTIEVENT app it is possible!

What is the main focus on preparing the conference?

Any event, even the smallest one, is a real hassle for the organizers. It’s easy to get confused by missing something really important.

Understanding all gravity, we have prepared for you a list of tasks, following which you will prepare effectively for the conference.

✔️ Executives. At once, we recommend you to choose a team, assigning each participant its level of responsibility. Someone recruits speakers, someone is responsible for the conference space. At the same time, you shouldn’t attract too many people, 7-9 is enough for a large conference. (These are precisely the executive employees, there may be more ordinary assistants, but they don’t participate in discussions, they simply perform assigned tasks).

Think of a communication channel right away! You don’t want to play “Chinese Whispers” games, do you?Conversation in messengers, ideally a mobile application where you can not only write, but also see online how the event is being prepared.

✔️ Goal setting. You should understand what the conference should bring. The sales growth? New clients? Increase awareness of the company?

✔️ Plan of event. Speakers, guests, programme, area, technical equipment. Mark and record all changes at once. If it is difficult to do it manually, please look for programs or applications.

✔️ Estimated costs and budget based on them. Let’s face it, if you don’t have money for a 200-person conference, don’t think the right target or plan is gonna help. Budget – is a road map, every little thing in it matters.

✔️ Date of event. Determine the date of the event in advance. No abstract numbers: in two weeks or at the end of next month. Just the exact number.

✔️ Facility. It is preferable to book it at least 2 weeks in advance and, in cases, with a large city, within a month or better two. Don’t forget about the number of seats, the area will depend on it. Formula here is simple: plan for ticket sales plus plan for guests from partners minus 30% (not everyone will attend the event, even if they paid for the ticket).

✔️ Partners. Attract partners. There are two ways: barter and commercial. Barter implies that you mention partners in a conference, in a press release, and he in turn covers your printing costs (if this is his field of activity), or gives a discount on rent (if he is the owner of the facility). Commercial basis – it is when partners simply pay for a mention. You set the fee yourself, depending on the size of the event.

✔️ Speakers. No conference will take place without them. Choose them based on your subject matter. And pay attention to the speaker’s practical experience. It is unlikely that people would be interested in listening a theorist.

✔️ Event program. Focus on the speaker’s theme, composing similar themes in one part. Think about the breaks, what you will treat your guests with.

✔️ Guest meeting. Use all channels of attraction. Context advertising. Target. Distribution and direct sales.

✔️ Technical equipment. You will need: projector with a screen or LED screen, microphone loop for speakers, one or two radio microphones for questions, laptop, clicker pointer, sound equipment, video camera.

✔️ Special attention to the comfort of guests. Everything should be clear from the moment when a person crosses the threshold. We recommend that on the day of the conference you come in advance and go through important points by yourself. Is the parking free? Won’t there be a big queue at the front desk?

Well, everything is ready, the final touches are left and the conference will take place. We wish you success in such a difficult task!

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