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Frequent mistakes when organizing events

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Everyone in this world makes mistakes, and event managers could not be an exception to the rule. Once, the American writer W. Channing said, «Mistakes are the science that helps us move forward.» And if we want to succeed in our business, we just need to take a look at the experience of our colleagues, understand what causes their failures, and try not to «step on someone else’s heist», and even more so on our own. Let’s figure it out:

1. Teamwork

Everything is simple here – you should not take too much on yourself, hale everything for everyone, it is important to trust your partners and subordinates, respect the opinion and work of everyone, you can use the «pipeline method», when each project participant will be responsible only for their «small detail» of the common goal, learn to delegate responsibilities. Trust and professionalism are two components of a team’s success.

2. Planning

Not only the availability of a work plan, but also its quality plays an important role. You should take into account every little detail, even if it may not be relevant to the case. Find a pessimistic employee who will deny everything that is planned, for example, «And if it rains…», «And if someone is late…», «And if the host is ill…» , etc. In your event algorithm, take into account all its «IFS» and all negative scenarios.

3. Time

This concept is multi-faceted. Be punctual and demand the same from the team. Do not take up «last-minute» orders  –  work on burning yourself out does not cost any profit, and quick projects are definitely not insured against mistakes. And mistakes in our business are fraught with a damaged reputation and a small number of orders. And never change anything at the last minute. The concept was not developed yesterday, all participants are ready, and a momentary desire to «fix something» will only harm.

4. Me

A lot depends on the personality of the organizer. Yes, I am an active, confident, sociable, responsible, creative, experienced professional. But any person sometimes gets carried away: self-confidence turns into over estimated self-confidence, activity — into excessive fussiness, sociability — into chatter, experience regresses, and creativity and professionalism are covered with a touch of templates and stereotypes. How to avoid this? Listen to the comments and advice of colleagues and clients, constantly develop yourself by attending trainings, master classes and open events. Keep up with the times and don’t be afraid of innovations in the event industry. Be flexible and dynamic, ready to adapt to any situation. Don’t lose your head and sense of humor. Be calm, say «no» to worry and stress. You are a Professional in your field.

And the most important thing – do not be afraid to make a mistake, experience is that’ll come with time, there is always time to work on mistakes, find out the reasons for their appearance, and most importantly – try never to allow them or repeat them.

Jana Gofman

Jana Gofman

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