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Every event organizer knows how difficult it is to find sponsors for an event. Some people think that their brand mentions are not enough, while others want to receive feedback from the event participants. Is it possible to find such terms of cooperation so that partners would want to attend the event themselves?

On the one hand, brands benefit from live communication with consumers. Public events allow them to interact directly with their target audience, introduce products, remind them of the brand. But in contrast, many sponsors are saving money by screening out the events so that organizers are starting to complain about the decreasing financial support.

If you analyze how things actually stand with mentioning sponsors, it becomes quite clear why not everyone is satisfied with the result.

A huge banner with a bunch of overlapping logos.

Brand mentions in booklets that are often used as a fan rather than for reading.

The absence of feedback from participants. There is no way to track who really got interested and visited the site.

The partner wants to get new clients and the profit they will bring. And your event is one of the ways to advertise. That’s why sponsors will be savvy in their choices.

So is there a way to find sponsors in a highly competitive environment? With the MULTIEVENT app, it all becomes possible.

What opportunities will it give us?

✔️ You’ll have ad units instead of banners. You no longer need to peer at logos and watch customers if they notice your brand or not. The partner’s logo will be displayed in each app tab.

✔️ It has a showcase with sponsors’ products.

✔️ It has “Partners» section where you can find sponsors’ business cards.

✔️ You can send promotional messages via Push-notifications.

✔️ You can increase the visibility of brand stands and exhibitions.

✔️ Ability to attach a link to the site. The partner will see who visited his page.

Turning participants’ smartphones into an advertising channel, isn’t that what all entrepreneurs want? Make your search of partners a mutually beneficial cooperation instead of using persuasion techniques.

Jana Gofman

Jana Gofman

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