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What is the main focus on preparing the conference?

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Any event, even the smallest one, is a real hassle for the organizers. It’s easy to get confused by missing something really important.

Understanding all gravity, we have prepared for you a list of tasks, following which you will prepare effectively for the conference.

✔️ Executives. At once, we recommend you to choose a team, assigning each participant its level of responsibility. Someone recruits speakers, someone is responsible for the conference space. At the same time, you shouldn’t attract too many people, 7-9 is enough for a large conference. (These are precisely the executive employees, there may be more ordinary assistants, but they don’t participate in discussions, they simply perform assigned tasks).

Think of a communication channel right away! You don’t want to play “Chinese Whispers” games, do you?Conversation in messengers, ideally a mobile application where you can not only write, but also see online how the event is being prepared.

✔️ Goal setting. You should understand what the conference should bring. The sales growth? New clients? Increase awareness of the company?

✔️ Plan of event. Speakers, guests, programme, area, technical equipment. Mark and record all changes at once. If it is difficult to do it manually, please look for programs or applications.

✔️ Estimated costs and budget based on them. Let’s face it, if you don’t have money for a 200-person conference, don’t think the right target or plan is gonna help. Budget – is a road map, every little thing in it matters.

✔️ Date of event. Determine the date of the event in advance. No abstract numbers: in two weeks or at the end of next month. Just the exact number.

✔️ Facility. It is preferable to book it at least 2 weeks in advance and, in cases, with a large city, within a month or better two. Don’t forget about the number of seats, the area will depend on it. Formula here is simple: plan for ticket sales plus plan for guests from partners minus 30% (not everyone will attend the event, even if they paid for the ticket).

✔️ Partners. Attract partners. There are two ways: barter and commercial. Barter implies that you mention partners in a conference, in a press release, and he in turn covers your printing costs (if this is his field of activity), or gives a discount on rent (if he is the owner of the facility). Commercial basis – it is when partners simply pay for a mention. You set the fee yourself, depending on the size of the event.

✔️ Speakers. No conference will take place without them. Choose them based on your subject matter. And pay attention to the speaker’s practical experience. It is unlikely that people would be interested in listening a theorist.

✔️ Event program. Focus on the speaker’s theme, composing similar themes in one part. Think about the breaks, what you will treat your guests with.

✔️ Guest meeting. Use all channels of attraction. Context advertising. Target. Distribution and direct sales.

✔️ Technical equipment. You will need: projector with a screen or LED screen, microphone loop for speakers, one or two radio microphones for questions, laptop, clicker pointer, sound equipment, video camera.

✔️ Special attention to the comfort of guests. Everything should be clear from the moment when a person crosses the threshold. We recommend that on the day of the conference you come in advance and go through important points by yourself. Is the parking free? Won’t there be a big queue at the front desk?

Well, everything is ready, the final touches are left and the conference will take place. We wish you success in such a difficult task!

Jana Gofman

Jana Gofman

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